Tips For Adopting a Pet

Adopting a pet can be one of the most rewarding, loving, and humane things a person can do.  But the decision to adopt has to be well thought out. It’s a huge commitment, and there are considerations that have to be made.  Make it a family decision, with all of the pros and cons being discussed.  If it is determined that the new addition will be properly cared for and loved, then it might be time to bring home the love of your lives!

Advice on Adopting A Dog

The first decision is whether you want to adopt a cat or a dog.  This really just depends on your preference.  There are those that feel that a kitten or cat would be their best friend, and others say it must be a pup or dog for them.  For our discussion here, we’ve chosen to touch on tips for adopting a dog.  Factors like the energy level and size of the breed are important considerations.  Cesar Millan in his article “How to Adopt a Dog From A to Z” has some good suggestions for assessing the type of dog you might like to have.  Mr. Millan, in his piece, agrees with William Berloni (you can follow him on Twitter here) with the Humane Society of New York that it is not a good idea to make eye contact with each of the animals.  The advice is to save that for later when you might want to get to know that particular dog.  Mr. Millan goes on to advise taking a few of the dogs (one at a time) for a short 10-minute walk and observe their behavior.   He has a “no-touch, no-talk, no eye-contact” rule when first getting to know the dog.  “Ignore the dog, he says, but stand or sit close to him, so he can get used to your presence (and scent).”  When you’ve narrowed it down, then you can really get to know the pup personally.

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More Tips For Adopting A Dog

The American Kennel Club offers some excellent suggestions for things to think about when looking up and down those rows of eligible pups.  They list temperament that you observe in the dog, size, grooming needs, whether you want male or female, puppy or adult, and their overall health as important considerations.

Animal Planet even has a quiz you can take before heading out that can help match up the right breed of dog for you.  Of course, many of the dogs in the shelter are mixed breeds, but you might get an idea from this little test to see which type of dog would match your personality.

Austin Area Pet Adoption Locations

We love our pets here in the Austin area (in fact, once you have your furry friend, check out our article on “Dog Friendly Restaurants in Austin“) and we have several Austin area pet adoption locations to choose from.  They are:

Austin Humane Society at 124 W. Anderson Ln.

Austin Pets Alive at 1156 West Cesar Chavez

Austin Animal Center at 7201 Levander Loop Bldg A

Please check the websites for shelter hours and fees.

Adopt A Pet!

Chances are by now, if you have used these tips you’re ready to add a new member to your family.  If indeed you have all agreed that this is the perfect pet, a wonderful relationship can come out of this experience.  If you’re like us, you’ll want to take each and every one of these lovable pets home.  But, hopefully with these tips, each of them can find their perfect forever family and you will find the newest family member to love!

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