A few words about Westlake Pet Love

Lisa Poth, Owner of Westlake Pet Love - Dog Boarding, Pet SittingWe love your pets when you have to leave them.

Our goal at Westlake Pet Love is to relieve the separation anxiety that you and your pets experience when you must be away from them. Whether it’s an unavoidable business trip or a much deserved vacation, or if there are simply not enough hours in your day, we will keep your pets safe and cared for in their home (or ours) and leave you free to enjoy your time away.

My name is Lisa Poth and I am the owner of Westlake Pet Love and Austin Pet Love. I began Austin Pet Love eight years ago and it has been an extremely rewarding, fulfilling and successful experience. I decided to launch Westlake Pet Love because I wanted to grow the boarding side of Pet Love, as well as provide excellent pet sitting services and be able to cater more to the Westlake community in which I live.

Originally from England, I moved to Texas thirty years ago and have enjoyed living in and raising my three wonderful children in the Westlake community for the past seventeen years. With two children now at The University of Texas and only one left at Westlake High School, I enjoy dedicating the majority of my time to my own nine pets and to the many pets left in my care.

Along with excellent pet sitting services in your home, at Westlake Pet Love we provide boarding services at our home. Dogs in our care are treated as part of the family. There are no kennels or crates and the dogs thoroughly enjoy running free and exploring our four, fenced acres and then cooling off in the pool! Your pets are never left outside unsupervised and we enjoy sending you updates and pictures of them playing, running and swimming.

At Westlake Pet Love we sincerely believe that home care for your pets is the best choice. We are not a huge company or a franchise. We are a local, home grown company in Austin, with a select staff dedicated to caring for your pets, and you.

Lisa Poth, Owner

What we do


Dog Boarding

Limited availability – we’ll pick up your pet and keep her at our four acre Westlake property, and we’ll drop her back when you return home. More…


Pet Sitting

You need to be out of town, but your pet can’t make the trip. We’ll visit your home up to four times a day, feed, water, exercise and play with your pet. More…


Daily Pet Visits

Let us help you give your dog the exercise he requires, or your cat the playtime she expects. We will tailor a daily routine that best suits your pet. More…


Pet Outings

For high energy dogs who can’t get enough playtime! We’ll pick up your pooch, take him for a long walk or run and maybe throw in some swim time. More…