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Foods Pets Should Not Eat

You and the family are sitting at the dining table eating dinner, and Fido is looking up at you as if to say, “If I’m part of the family, where is my...

Austin Pet Sitting Perks

A convenient service that we offer at Westlake Pet Love is the option of pet sitting in Austin when you need a caretaker for your pet.  Many other facilities in Austin only...

What To Do If Your Pet Runs Away

Something we don’t like to think about is the scenario of our pet getting out and running away.  You might have done things you thought would prevent this from happening, such as...

What Your Pet Is Thinking

In the movie “The Secret Life of Pets”, we are given a look into the minds of various animals, watching them live life through a humanistic view.  In the movie, a pit...

Back To School Blues in Pets

With school getting close to being back in session, we all know that little preschool brother or sister is going to have an adjustment to make when an older sibling is suddenly...

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