Holiday Gifts For Pets

When we’re all out doing our holiday shopping, and wondering what will Aunt Lily need, and what color socks would be good for Grandpa, we certainly don’t want to forget to include our furry friends on our list.  Sometimes they can be the hardest ones to get the perfect gift for, but what fun they are to shop for!

Our pets are such an important part of our life, so we want to show them how much we love them, and let them know they will get a cool present during the holidays, just like the rest of the family.  There are many options when choosing holiday gifts for pets.

Holiday Gifts For Pets

One fun dog gift that has been advertised a lot this year is called a BarkBox, and it’s literally the gift that keeps on giving.  It is a monthly box of goodies for dogs starting at $20 with free shipping. There is a themed box that will come to your home every month if you choose to go with more than one month.  Online you choose the size of your dog, and then choose from 1 month, 6 months, or 12 months.  There are treats and toys, and if your pup doesn’t really get excited about an item in the BarkBox, they will send him something else.

Another idea is to make your pets’ gift his very own by personalizing a bed for him, his bowls, or a pillow, and make sure he has his own stocking with his name on it.  If you live where it’s cold when you take your pet for a walk, a cute sweater for him is another thought.

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Holiday Pet Gifts: Toys and Treats, Oh My!

Petsmart also has some really cute holiday toys including plush stuffed dogs, snowballs, gingerbread men, and candy cane dog toys.  For the cat in your life, there is a candy cane cat scratcher, stuffed mice, and many more stuffed toys.  (Please remember to consider your pet’s chewing habits before buying and to remove the toy if your pet chews a hole or tear into it).

There are wreath dog treats, candy cane dog treats, festive rawhides, holiday cookies for dogs, cannoli dog treats, beef jerky, and “Wag More, Bark Less” gingerbread treats!  There are also gift boxes with a variety of treats inside.  It’s certain that your furry family member will find something that he discovers to be a favorite snack.

Petco has “Troll” cat and dog toys if your pet is keeping up with the latest cinematic trends.  Also, some really cute items are the Christmas Lights on a Rope toy, and the Grinch Stole Christmas Rope toy. Maybe a Bah Humbug chew toy is in your pets’ future.

Consider Giving To Pets In Need

Petsmart has three cute toys that are priced at only $5 with no shipping, and suggest that you put one of these on your list for a homeless pet, so that they will have a holiday surprise as well!  What a fantastic idea!

Also, a donation to your local animal shelter is welcome year round.  What a wonderful gift during the holiday season!  Your donation can help the shelter continue its work and, ultimately, give the gift of a home to a pet in need of a forever family.

Happy Holidays!

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There are so many wonderful holiday gifts for pets to choose from. We know Fido or Fluffy is going to have a great time opening gifts with the rest of the family.  We hope you and your pet have a fantastic holiday, and enjoy watching your pet playing with his new toys!

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