There Go The Yams!

With the holidays fast approaching, we thought it would be nice to treat you to a fun poem about our furry family members and the trouble they can cause sometimes.  Please enjoy!

There Go The Yams

I’ve worked all this morning,

Just basting the bird,

Dressing’s in the oven,

And gravy’s the word.


The table is set,

With china and lace,

So pretty I thought,

Almost time to say grace.


Everyone’s in the den,

Talking away,

About what they’ve been up to,

Since the last holiday.


But then what a noise,

From the dining room came,

We all thought it Grandpa,

But he wasn’t to blame.


The family crept gradually,

Into the room,

To see what in the world,

Could make such a boom!


Our pup and our cat,

Had faces of fear,

And what did we see,

But food everywhere.


The turkey was splattered

All over the place,

The dog with mashed ‘taters,

Was running a race.


The cat had the rolls,

Thinking they were fun balls,

Tossed into the air,

And pie sticking to walls.


Then we see,

Pup pulling down hams,

And what could be next,

Oh, there go the yams!


What were we to do,

With no great big feast,

Looks like Thanksgiving dinner,

Is a restaurant at least.


So we all then decided,

The thing left to be done,

Was to order in pizza,

And just have some fun!



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photo credit: seanhoyer Zelda tackles the cupcake (12217) via photopin (license)

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