Keep Your Puppy Or Kitten Safe

After much deliberating and family discussions, you have decided that now is the right time to bring a new puppy or kitten into the home.  It’s a big decision, and really does warrant serious consideration.  A new pet is a big responsibility, but there are so many wonderful animals out there that are anxiously awaiting the perfect home, and it could be that you are their forever family.  Whether you decide to rescue a pup or kitten from a shelter, or adopt one privately, there’s many items to consider.

A main consideration is what in your home (indoors as well as out) is unsafe for the new pup or kitty to be exposed to.  It is important to keep your puppy or kitten safe.  Let’s “take a walk” through the home and look at some dangers for our small furry friends.

Items to Watch For To Keep Your Puppy Or Kitten Safe

In an article “Puppy Proofing Basics” by Wendy Wilson of Cesar’s Way (dog expert Cesar Millan), tips are given for each area of the home.

In the kitchen, keep drawers and cabinets secure from the new addition to the family.  Other items that could prove dangerous are electrical cords.  One of their favorite pastimes is, of course, chewing, so keep these dangerous cords out of their reach.  They also mention making sure foods and cleaning supplies are out of harm’s way.  These can be highly toxic to your pet.

In the bathroom, think about things like razors, soaps, and shampoo.  Something you may not have considered that they suggest is leaving the toilet lid down or bathroom door closed.  Puppies are very nosy, and can get into trouble before you know it!

In the bedroom, keep your nice slippers and shoes put up.  They love to chew, and really don’t care if they are your favorite pair of shoes or not!  Also, small items such as jewelry or coins have to kept out of their reach.

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In the living areas, again think about the cords.  Another thought is watching the pup around your pillows or even electrical devices.  They love to chew on anything they can find.

In the office, wires and cords come to mind again.  Paper clips and rubber bands are examples of things to watch out for as well.

In the yard, be aware of plants.  Cesar’s Way warns that plants such as daffodils, foxglove, bird-of-paradise, and lupine can be poisonous to animals.  You may want to refresh your memory by reading our blog entitled, “Plants That Are Harmful To Pets” before bringing your furry friend home.

In the garage, put chemicals like insecticides, paint, rodent poison, and fertilizer out of puppy’s reach.

Ways To Keep Your Puppy or Kitten Safe

There are various ways to keep your new pet safe and away from all of these dangerous items.  There is a product called “Puppy Bumpers” .  We are not endorsing the product, but it is an interesting solution to keeping the puppy (or kitten) out of harm’s way.  These cotton bumpers (collars) filled with fiberfill stuffing will keep your friend from getting through a fence or falling from a balcony.

Another suggestion is getting a baby gate, or at the pet stores, there are gates designed especially for puppies and kittens.

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when adopting a new pup or kitty.  But what fun times the whole family will have watching him grow up!

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So enjoy your newest addition to the family, but just remember to keep him safe!

photo credit: Bad dog. via photopin (license)

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