What To Do If Your Pet Runs Away

Something we don’t like to think about is the scenario of our pet getting out and running away.  You might have done things you thought would prevent this from happening, such as making sure the gate and fence are secure, but sometimes, unfortunately, they might find a way out.

Reasons A Pet Runs Away

Alan Grosbard with Petfinder gives us some reasons a pet might find himself needing to get away for a mini-vacation.  They tell us that boredom or loneliness might be bothering him, or if not neutered, looking for a mate could also be a reason.  Sometimes, though, it’s just a matter of the opportunity presenting itself, and they seize upon it.  Alan says that,

“big, strong dogs, especially young ones, can run 5 miles or more.  Small dogs may be able to go half a mile at most.  Most dogs are recovered well within a two-mile circle of their home …”.

If your pet has a collar and tags with a phone number, of course, finding him will be made a lot easier.  And Bob Barker, of course, had the right advice when he reminded us to spay or neuter our pets.

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What To Do If Your Pet Runs Away

The most critical time for a missing person is 24 hours.  The same holds true for a family pet.  Drive around and walk around your neighborhood, calling your pet.  Take some dog treats with you. If luck is on your side, and you do spot your family friend, don’t assume he will go right to you.  He’s probably scared, or on the flip side, he’s enjoying his independence and doesn’t want to go home!  Approach him very carefully, and very slowly.  Offer him the treats by tossing them to him.  Try to have the treat not too far between you and the dog.  Then if he decides to run, you will be close enough to take hold of his collar.  If he gets spooked, just give him a few minutes and try again.  The key is to take it slow, even though it may take a few minutes to get him to respond.  If you run up to him calling his name instead of walking slowly, he may think you are just playing, and not settle down.

If your pet simply will not come to you (even with treats), another technique you may want to try is to lie on the ground and pretend you are injured.  Many pets will come to their owners to investigate if they believe the owner is hurt in some way.  Then, you can gently secure your pet and let them know that you are fine.

But after checking out the neighborhood to no avail, then put up signs with a reward offered.  Use the Internet to put out the word also.  If your neighborhood has an HOA forum, this is exactly one of the things it was set up for, so be sure to use it.  Describe your pet, with a picture, and the exact area where you live.  Try to be calm.  If some time goes by with no word from the flyers or the Internet use, start checking with local vets and shelters.  Even if your animal has tags, his collar might have come off, so these two places could be where someone who finds him might take him.

Hopefully, Fido won’t tarry too long if he happens to find his way out of his yard, and your whole family can be quickly relieved.

Microchipping For Pets

Aside from the importance of making sure your pet is tagged with address and phone, there is another way you can protect him if he’s lost.  Microchipping is an excellent tool used to locate a pet’s owner.  Free microchipping and ID tagging is provided by the Austin Animal Center at 7201 Levander Loop.  Most vets will also do the microchip procedure for around $20.  This can help ensure your dog or cat will be returned to you, even if his collar might have fallen off while he’s out having his adventure!

Westlake Pet Love: Pet Boarding in Austin

We know how much you love your dog or cat, so we offer these suggestions for finding him if he wanders away.  There is also another way to show your love even when you have to be out of town.  We at Westlake Pet Love would be elated to show how much we also love your pet if left with us while you have to be away.  At our four-acre home, we regard your pet as one of our own family.  He will have a fully fenced area to play and run, and is never left unattended.  Make a reservation and we will show your friend an amazing time at our facility by calling (512) 413-6592 or simply clicking here today.  You will be able to relax and know he is being well taken care of!

photo credit: Two Dogs in a Fence via photopin (license)

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