Holiday Pet Boarding in Austin

If you live in the Austin area and are planning to be away for the holidays, you might be wondering what would be the best place for your pet to stay while you are out.  

Look no more!  We know you have choices when holiday pet boarding in Austin.  But, we at Westlake Pet Love can accommodate any need you may have for your friend.  While you are having fun visiting with family and enjoying that turkey and pumpkin pie, you need not feel bad at all for having to leave Fido at home.  We will be keeping him so busy playing and having fun with us that he’ll forget that you had to say goodbye to him for a few days.

Holiday Pet Boarding in Austin

There are a couple of wonderful choices offered here at Westlake Pet Love for your pet.

If you would like to board your pet, he can look forward to our four-acre home.  We have four fenced areas for him to run and explore.  He will never be left alone.  We can even pick up and drop off at no charge if you live within 8 miles of our facility. When boarding, just be sure his shots are up to date, and that we have a copy of his immunizations.  Also, please have him wearing his rabies tags and current I.D.  Boarding for one dog is $55 per night.

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Another option we offer is Pet Sitting in Austin.  If you prefer Fido stay home, we can schedule our recommended two visits per day to come to your home, but can set up as many as four visits.  Minimum time spent with your pet would be 20-30 minutes per visit.  We will make sure he is fed and has plenty of water.  Dogs will be walked, and cats will be played with. All our friends will be given plenty of love and attention. Pet sitting visits are $25 per visit.

We also offer extra services while at your home such as yard clean up, litter change, bathing, brushing, etc.

Reserve Now For Holiday Pet Boarding in Austin

Reservations are limited during the holiday season, so contact us as soon as possible if you are looking for a boarding appointment or pet sitting in the Austin area. Please give us a call at (512) 413-6592 or simply click here today.

All of our sitters are bonded and insured, so you can rest easy while you are away. We can even send you pictures of your pet enjoying his stay!

We are a local dog boarding and pet sitting company in Austin, and we always have the best interests of our beloved guests at heart, and will continue to do so.

So keep in mind that there is no need to fret while you are enjoying that big dinner and catching up with family, as we will be having a really good time with your furry friend!

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